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Bevara planeten grön och respektera naturens frihet


Conserve the planet green and respect the nature of freedom

Information for sponsors & cooperation partners:


Cooperation and sponsorship:

Ekolandia seeks cooperation  with all organisations, companies, groups and individuals that want to contribute to richer values of nature.

To work for richer values of nature can be done in very many different ways and the more people and organisations are cooperating the bigger chance we have got to be able to contribute to a positive developement together. Cooperation can work on local, national and international level and incorporates advantages for all parts:


What you contribute with is e.g.:

- economic support 

- a product

- knowledge and support within different areas

- PR-/marketing help, connections to media etc.


What you get is e.g.:

- attention through media (Ekolandias project is followed and payed attention to by media), homepage, bloggs

- marketing through lectures and seminars conducted by Ekolandia

- possibility to refer to Ekolandias projects in your own advertising/marketing etc.


For contact: gianluca@ekolandia.se