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”Biking for the Wise” is a bikingprojekt that started july 13. 2012 in Galven in the center of Sweden and is now, after about 2000km in its most central phase in Finland. On my way, I have been in contact with newpapers, Tv- & radiostations. Media has followed the tour ever since july.


The bikingtour "Biking for the Wise of the Forest" has been highlighted and focused upon in many ways by media, organisations, and the public

(see just some of the published articles about the bikingtour):

The bikingtour started 13 juli 2012 at lake Galven in Hälsningland and crosses over the Scandinavian peninsula heading at Kivikiekki in Norhtern Karelen in Finland. The tour is subdivided to at least 50 distances and will be ended in Helsinki and Stockholm with a somewhat bigger demonstration.  

The aim of the tour is to contribute to protect the Wise of the Forest from extinction in Scandinavia.


Latest news in Dagens Nyheter, Swedens biggest newspaper 12 september; "Wolftribe's growth stopped". But the tour also aims at frame coexistence with the Wise of the Fforest, to collect resources to be able to better protect and broaden the Wise of Forest in the whole of Scandinavia and to develop a effective action-defense to stop the psychotic macho idiots with gun into the forest.


The bikingtour has been focused upon in media.  Several national and international outdoor-magazins have shown interest in reporting about the tour. There are idears and first steps are taken to cooperate on a filmproduction about the called "Pessinki"* Wise phaszinating story (cooperation with a.o. natural documentary filmmaker Elke Duerr from New Mexiko).

The bikingtour can only be sucessful if cooperation with other organisation, centers, sponsors. There is a need for support e.g. with technical means for communication, biking equipment, outdoor-material, but also help in form of places to stay for the night or to put up the tent, places to be able to set up the computer and look into email and blogg, partners to discuss, even monetarian help and other resources, 

But it is also important, that media is interested in the situation of the Wise of the Forest in order to highlighten a situation, that creates many discussions in Scandinavia. I hope you want to met me and write an article about the project. You can make an important contribution and in the long run make an impact on the wise's chances to live in its natural habitat. 

www.bikingforwolves.ekolandia.se or www.ekolandia.se